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Highlights of Namibia with the Insider View

Namibia is not only known for its wide, wild landscapes, but also for its unique encounters with its wildlife and people, who like to offer a glimpse into their lives. All this contributes to a sense of travel of prosperity, solitude and pure wilderness.

We have enriched the journey along Namibia's natural beauties with exciting encounters with locals and wildlife so that you can experience the authentic life in Namibia and discover the country through the eyes of an insider.


Travel Time: all year around,
14 day,
tailor-made self-drive
Cost: from ZAR 36.000 per pers sharing
Participants: from 1 Pers.

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Follow in the tracks of leopards and cheetahs on a visit to the world-famous AfriCat Foundation. Get close to the big cats and learn more about these beautiful wild cats and their protection.

Experience the rich wildlife in the famous Etosha National Park, one of Africa's most important game reserves.

Elela Africa unique highlight: Accompany a wildlife veterinarian for a few days near the Etosha National Park. Take a look behind the scenes of the daily work for the wildlife. You will be joining the vet’s team when they have to respond to any wildlife emergencies throughout Namibia and experience working with a variety of wildlife species ranging from Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Hyena and Leopard to smaller creatures like Pangolin, Dik-dik, Steenbok, Honey Badger. Based at a Wildlife Sanctuary, you'll also learn exciting things about the active conservation of endangered species such as the resident pangolin and explore how the Rhino Patrol protects our endangered rhinos.

Explore Namibia’s vast desert and observe the elephants adapted to this harsh area searching for food in the dry riverbed. Discover the prehistoric rock art, Namibia's UNECSO World Heritage Site and gain an insight into traditions of the San Bushman.

Join the trackers of the Desert Rhino Trust on the trail of one of the world's last free-roaming black rhino. You will get an exciting insight into life in the wild, experience an unforgettable encounter with the rhinos at eye level and at the same time support their protection.

Discover German culture with fresh sea air in the middle of the desert in the coastal town of Swakopmund. And finally climb some of the highest free-standing sand dunes in the world at Sossusvlei.

Travel with your own rental car or with one of Namibia's best guides, who can provide you with exciting insider knowledge not only at the individual destinations, but also on the way.

A journey not only filled with unique and unforgettable experiences but giving back to the country and making you come back more fulfilled.

We will be happy to advise you on your tailor-made journey in Namibia!