We had a marvellous family safari in South Africa - Elela Africa

We had a marvellous family safari in South Africa

Eli with baby_FotorBuilding Insect Boxes

I booked the family program with Elela Africa to have a bonding experience with my three children. We had a marvellous time and we still talk often about our experiences in the Gondwana Game Reserve – far more than about the other two weeks we spend in South Africa.


Out of our window we could see zebras and other wildlife in this amazing landscape. The food was unbelievable. The Organisation and the team could hardly be better. We were very glad to have the same team for the whole time. Both are very competent with good eyes. They gave as an overview onto the ecosystem and interrelation within it, starting with water, plants and insects, ending with the game. And they had an answer to nearly every question we had. Both of them drove with us in all kinds of weather and made sure to keep us warm.




The family safari in South Africa were „knitting“ us four together

Even though both of our guides were around us many hours each day, we could be together as family and discover together every day something new, “knitting” us four together, what still feels very good.

The experience with setting up cameras for shy animals in the night was something for all of us, though Svenja needed patience. To built a house for insects and to catch some while learning about their importance in the ecosystem thrilled especially the little one.

Most of all experiences each of us were enthusiastic about eliminating the alien trees. To do something with wood with the own hands for a healthy environment was great! Also to build fishing rods, Svenja brought her walking stick back to Germany (together with here ostrich-feather). It was the best day!

Great fun was to look for scorpions by night – even though we found only a frog.

The game drives were great, we couldn`t get enough of them incl. the snacks/meals in nature.

Overall we really had a marvellous time!

Gudrun H. with Wolfgang, Jonathan and Svenja

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