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My Safari at the Kruger and in Botswana (Review from Karina V.)

My amazing week filled with adventure, inspirations and impressions.
It was for me a dream come true. Once I wanted to walk the Kruger Park to experience the opening of all senses being to smell, hear, taste, see and feel that I am also a part of nature.

Elela Africa made this dream real and it exceeded all my expectations. If you ask me what the highlight of the trip was, I honestly cannot tell you as every single day on my Safari at the Kruger and in Botswana was special.

The walks in silent behind the guide sharpened my hearing for the sounds around me and made me listen. The aroma which swift my nose around every corner made me to smell the diversity of aromas (good and not so good) and trying to analyse it. To see a plant or grass moving was exciting as it could be anything causing that move. An animal, the wind, an insect or just breathe of what surrounded me.

The accommodation was basic with no electricity but awesome. Shower could be taken either cold or hot (perfect for the very hot days) and the bed was dry, clean and comfortable.
I never felt hungry as the kitchen always had something to eat and coffee or tea was available most of the time.

As bonus I got some valuable information about conservation, what it is all about and how it effects the future. How to read and identify the footprint of animals, what a huge number of trees, plants and flowers we have and what wonderful ways nature creates to grow and plant their seeds.
The knowledge of the Guides who walked with us was (is) enormous and if the answer was not there right now, I would get it a bit later during a talk after a walk or drive.

On top of all of that, I met some wonderful people and not a moment was awkward or tens as we all shared the same passion for nature.
Besides not having the greatest of luxury (which is a blessing if in the bush) I always would do a tour like that again.

Thank you Sandra and Elela Africa!


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