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We would like to share some of the traveller reviews we have received as well as extracts of some lovely travel reports. You can find some of the more detailed travel reports in our News & Travel Blog.

stefan-kuzikusStefan Herker from Munich, August 2016 in Namibia: “Dreamtime in Africa! Your organisation and help dear Sandra, was of inestimable value to me and  filled me with anticipation. I enjoyed especially Kuzikus. Some of my experiences there include meeting bushmen, going on a hunt or stalk with the experienced farm owner, outstanding catering and great accommodation in the luxurious lodge or the comfortable bush camp, depending on preferences.


My new friend

One week was not enough to participate in all the offered activities…  I learned lots about the biodiversity of the Kalahari, and my head is still filled with all the wonderful experiences, even after 4 weeks. I am already planning another „Dreamtime“ in 2017 with Sandra and Elela Africa!” 🙂




rhino-at-the-game-driveEva Schmitt, Frank Drever and Ute Kamps from Nideggen, September 2016: “Thank you very much for this lovely adventure in paradise! We were allowed to accompany our rangers and to help out with some of their tasks. We gained so many impressions, not just regarding animals, and got to know more about birds and vegetation. We were very impressed with the ‘humane’ and considerate treatment of the animals. Our accommodation was excellent, the chef pampered us with some local cuisine and we enjoyed the informal atmosphere of the camp. We are also going to post on Facebook about our experience. Greetings.”


giraffen-fressenSieglinde from Cape Town, October 2016: “ Dear Sandra, I arrived back from the eco camp yesterday. I had the most amazing time. The balance of working hands-on, relaxing and learning about conservation and wildlife spoke to me. The accommodation and food were superb. All in all a great experience!




Manni beim Kochen_Fotor2Manfred from Rheinfelden, April 2016: “What a week! During the beginning of autumn, nature awakens and the colours of the vegetation are breathtaking at Gondwana Game Reserve.

First things first, the camp was fantastic! The big tent had a proper bed and bathroom, almost luxurious, I did not expect that. The rangers were simply great. They were friendly and helpful with lots of knowledge; doesn’t matter if it was Stevie, Brandon or Abu.

Our eco ranger training was incredible, I can’t believe what I all learned about nature and conservation, it’s amazing. I could go on and on about Gondwana, but I am afraid my words could never to this wildlife reserve and its ideology justice. You guys are on the right path. And regarding the wildlife, I have only two words: goose-bumps and emotions. I will definitely come again. Thanks to everyone, especially Sandra. Greetings from the black forest, Manny.”

elela-africa-elefant-herdeDirk Balback and Katherin Theiss from Ludwigshafen, April 2016: “We enjoyed our whole stay at the eco camp and of course the care by the staff on-site. Through all the offered activities, we managed to get a small, but insightful peak behind the scenes of a wildlife reserve.

I am struggling to find the right words to describe this experience, because I am afraid my words could never do this exceptional experience justice. If I had to describe our experience at the eco camp with one word, it would most definitely be: PERFECT!

Thank you very much for taking good care of us and for recommending the Dreamhouse as accommodation in Cape Town, which was the perfect location to get us into holiday mood!

Elela Africa Löwen im Fynbos Connie & Christian Wahl from Freiburg, March 2016: “ Dear Sandra, we can’t find anything to criticise about this trip! It was an overall outstanding stay, with pleasant company and excellent guides, who were both well-informed and humorous. I would also like to mention Halt, who took care of us at the tented camp and pampered us with his cooking. A great team.

Our favourite memory: the respectful silence during an encounter with two huge lions.”  



Cape Mountain Zebra SATFamily Fischer on a day safari with toddlers, January 2016: “Dear Sandra, thank you for the recommendation and organisation of yesterday’s safari. The private tour was perfect for us. We were welcomed very warmly and had a great ranger, who made the safari suitable for our children. Our boys got to see lots of different animals and were very impressed and happy. Us parents were too, of course. It was even possible to put the child safety seat into the Jeep. It is safe to say that this Sunday was a complete success! We wish you all the best and are happy to recommend you.”



Elela Africa Bush WalkFamily Weng from  Franconia, December 2015: “We had a wonderful stay at the eco camp at Gondwana Game Reserve and wouldn’t want to miss this time for a thing in the world. Especially because of the breathtaking landscape, as we haven’t seen it before. The eco camp would be a regular camp, if it wasn’t for Brandon and his Australian wife Stevie, they are the heart and soul of the camp. Both are very welcoming and attentive and have an impressive knowledge about nature and conservation, which they share with their guests. It was very difficult for us to say our goodbyes.

Our time at the eco camp was very exciting! On the first day, we put up camera traps, the boys were taught how to use a compass and GPS and we enjoyed a cosy evening at the bonfire.

On Tuesday morning, when we were already in the cars and ready to go, Loisl looked back at the camp and said: “The smoke coming from the camp is almost as thick as the smoke from the bonfire last night.” Brandon obviously knew right away that something wasn’t right. The slop behind the camp was ablaze- bushfire! All of us together tried to put out the fire, which was only successful once we got back-up from the main camp. What an excitement! We had truly earned the game drive in the afternoon.

On Wednesday it was back to work for us, we were busy felling wattles all day. Thursday morning we collected the camera traps- one of the cameras had been completely destroyed. Luckily we found the chip. Back at the camp, we analysed the pictures on the chip and noticed that an elephant cow, which had given birth just a couple days before, destroyed the camera. The footage showed the mother and baby very clearly. We probably should have worn gloves while working- something else that we learned on our trip. Sadly, our English- Serbian friends left the next day, but we did an extensive bushwalk.

Many thanks again for all the valuable information! Greetings from Franconia.”


Elela Africa Bush walk mit GiraffeAngelika and Thomas from Berlin, December 2015: “Thank you Sandra for the amazing experience. The eco camp was very interesting and impressive. I always show the photos of our trip to my friends, whether they want to or not, and tell them all about it, so that the memories will last longer. After Gondwana, we went to De Hoop, which we enjoyed, too, as well as our day in Cape Town. All in all we enjoyed our trip, I felt far away from home- just as it’s supposed to be.”



Elela-Nashorn-mit-Wagen-lowSam & Glen Lambert from England, October 2015: “We had such an incredible time that we extended our stay!  A truly unique and unbelievable experience with a fantastic bunch of passionate, fun and enthusiastic conservationists. Learned soooo much but also haven’t had such great fun in a long time. It certainly deserves a lot of attention and we would love to spread the word for this new venture in any way we can!”



alien-tree-clearingGudrun Helm from Würzburg, September 2015: “I booked the family program with Elela Africa to have a bonding experience with my three children. The organisation and the team could hardly be any better, the food was amazing. We could be together as family and discover together something new every day, “knitting” us four together, which still feels very good.

We had a marvellous time and we still talk often about our experiences at the Gondwana Game Reserve – far more than about the other two weeks we spend in South Africa! Read the full travel report


mashatu-elephantsStefanie Vedhuis from the Netherlands, April 2015: “I wanted to get away from the City (Cape Town) and spend some time in the bush. Never could I have thought that it would be so amazing! It was the combination of wildlife, nature, history, geology, hiking and driving that made the trip so much more than the ordinary safari trip.

I can’t wait to go on the next trip!” Read the full travel report



Karin fishingKarina Voss from Cape Town, April 2015: “It was a dream come true for me. I have always wanted to walk the Kruger Park to experience the opening of all senses, being to smell, hear, taste, see and feel that I am also a part of nature.

As bonus I got some valuable information about conservation, what it is all about and how it effects the future. How to read and identify the footprint of animals, what a huge number of trees, plants and flowers we have and what wonderful ways nature creates to grow and plant their seeds.

Elela Africa made this dream real and it exceeded all my expectations!” Read the full travel report


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