New conservation experience on safari in South Africa

New and exciting conservation experience on safari in South Africa

One of the biggest Big 5 private Game Reserves in the Western Cape has introduced two new conservation activities for guests – the cheetah experience and rhino tracking. 

Become a Game Ranger for a day and join the passionate team of conservationist tracking Rhino and cheetah using telemetry. 

Situated in South Africa’s Garden Route, one of Elela Africa’s partners takes great pride in placing focus on nature conservation. The reserve is home to the non-profit Conservation Foundation, upholding four fundamental pillars: The Protection of Endangered Wildlife, The Protection of Endangered Vegetation, Community Upliftment and Environmental Education.

With guests from around the world, these important conversations become part of the safari experience and are spread through visitors’ powerful word of mouth.

During the cheetah experience – offered on Mondays and Fridays – guests go to see the cheetah in her boma and learn about what is being done to rehabilitate her. Rhino tracking is offered on Wednesdays and on this experience guests track rhino and contribute to the Rainbow Rhino Initiative by monitoring and following these animals.

Recently the game reserve has introduced a new female cheetah onto the reserve sponsored by Conservation Foundation’s endangered species programme.  The cheetah will form part of a research programme, looking at the species’ spatial and prey utilization within a Fynbos biome.








With the exciting Rhino Tracking adventure – offered on Thursdays – guests support the established Rhino Initiative which aimed at combating rhino poaching on the reserve through skills and technology development. The initiative plans to introduce over 60 individual rhino into various reserves in Africa over a 10 year period. Within this period it is estimated that over 85 rhino calves will be born and that the foundation will have over 180 rhino to distribute to suitable locations in Africa.

With Elela Africa guests can actively take part in such exciting projects and support the conservation work of the organisation. Enjoy a luxury safari, be a ranger for a day and get close to Africas’ endangered wildlife. Please contact us for your tailor made safari.

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