On the track of the last free living rhinos – Discover Namibia’s wild and unspoiled side

Namibia is not only known for its unique and diverse landscape but for being a pioneer when it comes to nature and wildlife conservation. We have put together a tour, which will lead you deep into Namibia’s uninhabited  wilderness with extraordinary wildlife encounters.  The tour will provide exciting insight into the work of conservationists and Namibia’s rich culture.

The wildlife tracking is conducted in corporation with local conservation organisations. You will get an exciting insight into the work in the wilderness while supporting the protection of endangered species at the same time. An adventure safari which contributes to wildlife conservation.

You can explore Namibia’s wilderness on your own, or let an experienced guide drive you along the route. We gladly adapt the tour to your available dates.

The highlights of your trip into the wilderness:

  • Visit one of the most famous cheetah conservation organisation. Go big cats tracking and encounter cheetahs and leopards up close out in the wild.
  • Visit an authentic village of the proud Himba people.
  • Stay at the Grootberg Lodge, the only lodge which is 100% community owned, and get to know the life and traditions of this community.
  • Track the last free living black rhinos together with conservationists in Namibia’s desert and go on a quest for the mystical desert elephants.

An authentic and sustainable journey, which will not only leave you with once-in-a-lifetime memories, but which will make a valuable contribution to the protection of Namibia’s endangered wildlife and culture.

Extend your Namibia trip with further attractions on request:

  • Go on safari at famous Etosha National Park and spot wildlife at the waterhole under the African night sky.
  • Explore German history in the small coastal town of Swakopmund.
  • Go on a kayak ocean safari and encounter dolphins, seals and with a bit of luck, whales.
  • Hike up the highest free-standing dunes in the world at famous Sossusvlei Nature Reserve.

Explore the route with a rental car on your own or with one of Namibia’s best guides by your side, who will not only get you to your destinations safely but who will pass on interesting insider knowledge and will make your trip memorable by astonishing you with small surprises on the way such as picnics at breathtaking locations, for example.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and will gladly advise you in English or German via email or telephone.

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