• Meet Zulu and help this magnificent cheetah to live in the wild

    Zulu was orphaned at a young age and raised by a loving family in their home on a game ranch in Zululand, South Africa. The family that raised him realised that he is now too old to continue to be raised in their home and deserved a chance to be

  • RE-CREATE YOUR SELF – a unique Safari Coaching-Retreat in South Africa

    RE-CREATE YOUR SELF is a unique adventure, combining an exciting safari experience with the adventure of exploring your SELF and discovering a new way of BEING. During this unique Safari Coaching-Retreat you will experience a unique mixture of training and connection to nature and animal life. This will initiate a long-lasting

  • New and exciting conservation experience on safari in South Africa

    One of the biggest Big 5 private Game Reserves in the Western Cape has introduced two new conservation activities for guests – the cheetah experience and rhino tracking.  Become a Game Ranger for a day and join the passionate team of conservationist tracking Rhino and cheetah using telemetry.  Situated in

  • Even black rhinos have a social life!

    They are the last ones of their kind and truly fascinating: Africa’s black rhinos. Unfortunately, the grey giants are often misunderstood and have a reputation for always being grumpy. But as a study by the WWF shows, although black rhinos are solitary, they socialise with other black rhinos much more than

  • Safari holiday with the kids? New family eco safari programme in South Africa

    Of course it can be a relaxed vacation full of family fun and adventures for the whole family! During our new family-safari-programme in South Africa, children from the age of 6 years can become junior rangers. Different from the standard safari, the whole family can actively experience Africa’s fascination up

  • Conservation Safari: Track leopards and cheetahs in Namibia

    Namibia is not only a beautiful country but also a pioneer when it comes to conservation. In December, the Elela Africa team embarked on a quest for new exciting and sustainable tour ideas as well as for Namibia’s frequently mentioned cheetahs. After a three hour drive north of Windhoek, we

  • Rhino Tracking in Namibia – encounter the last free living black rhinos

    John tells us not to move as the black rhino is trying to find our scent. Although as long as the wind blows into the right direction, there is no reason to worry. Still, my knees turn to jelly as the rhino is starring right at us from only a

  • A true conservation adventure! Louise de Waal about her eco safari experience

    Passionate traveller and consultant for responsible tourism Louise de Waal checked out our new eco conservation program in South Africa and let us take part in her eco safari adventure… A true conservation adventure!- Louise de Waal about her eco safari experience by Dr Louise de Waal:  Maybe because I was born

  • Hyenas have taken over a ghost town in the Namib Desert

    In Namibia, hyenas have taken over a ghost town and abandoned mines in the Lüderitz area of the southern Namib Desert. Pictures show the brown hyenas slipping in and out of buildings as well as taking strolls around the abandoned town. A hyena taking a nap in what used to

  • Exciting Whale Sighting at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town

    A dwarf sperm whale, the smallest of all whale species, paid a visit to Cape Town’s number one tourist hotspot. Earlier this week, a different kind of whale watching took place, as a dwarf sperm whale found its way into the Waterfront’s harbour. This was a very special and exciting