Meet Zulu and help this magnificent cheetah to live in the wild

Meet Zulu and help this magnificent cheetah to live in the wild

Zulu was orphaned at a young age and raised by a loving family in their home on a game ranch in Zululand, South Africa. The family that raised him realised that he is now too old to continue to be raised in their home and deserved a chance to be returned to the wild. They were desperate to find somewhere suitable and we just couldn’t say no. Gondwana Game Reserve, the home of our eco safaris stepped in, and with the help of others, paid for his flight so that he can begin a new life on the reserve.

Zulu’s arrival is however just the first step in his re-wilding. This is a process that will take a couple of years. In that time he needs to be fed and trained to hunt and survive on his own before being able to release him on a special, large portion of land on Gondwana where he can live out his life and have lots of cubs with the female Cheetahs that are also part of the re-wilding programme.

However, until then just feeding Zulu will cost R2,000 a month. Zulu also needs a full time experienced guide to assist with implementing the re-wilding programme plus any veterinary care he may need along the way.

After starting the initial phase of Zulu’s re-wilding program it became evident that he unfortunately requires surgery to remove a tiny bone fragment from his shoulder which is a result of an injury he had as a juvenile in captivity. The bone fragment is causing severe discomfort and, if not dealt with, will prohibit him from being re-wilded. We are working with specialists for Zulu to undergo key-hole surgery to remove the fragment. The prognosis is very promising; however, it is going to cost a further R50 000.

The GCF Cheetah re-wildling programme has already been successful in re-wilding several other Cheetah, and Zulu will join three other cheetahs on the re-wilding programme all of whom will contribute to cheetah conservation in southern Africa.

To support Zulu’s way to freedom please click now: DONATE NOW

To actively contribute to the operation and release of the magnificent wildcat, you can visit Zulu and learn everything about the re-wilding program and also track the already released cheetahs in the game reserve. An exciting and lasting experience for the Safari guest and Zulu, as all the income from this safari activity brings Zulu closer to freedom MEET ZULU




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