I had a farm in Africa…

Eco Ranger Safari in Namibia – explore the wilderness with all your senses

Have you ever wondered what life would be like on a game farm in Africa? Discover the boundless wilderness on the outskirts of the Namibian Kalahari Desert and participate in the life of a Namibian-German family.

During this eco safari in Namibia, you will encounter Namibia’s terrific wildlife and experience the wilderness of the Kalahari.  At the same time, you get to peak behind the scenes of a game reserve and are welcome to participate in the daily work at the reserve. One thing that is for sure, is that it never gets boring! Discover the research about endangered rhinos that is being conducted at the reserve. Relax as a safari guest during game drives through the private game reserve or participate in an adventure trip into the Kalahari Dessert.

During your stay at Kuzikus there is always time for…

  • Animal observations: You can always sit by the waterhole at the lodge and watch, document or take pictures of the drinking, bathing or grazing animals. Lists of all the species as well as literature about flora and fauna can be found in the comfortable library. We invite you to discuss any interesting findings with the family’s biologist.
  • Gaining insight into biological field research (seasonal): Join Kuzikus’ researchers for their projects for a couple of hours (max. two guests) and learn more about what biological field research really encompasses.
  • Hiking/ Jogging: Should you enjoy hiking, Nordic walking or jogging, you are welcome to join the family for a trip or to ask them for suggestions for different routes. Someone of the family is bound to take daily trips through the savannah.
  • Kick back and relax by the pool or in the lush garden

What’s special about Kuzikus: The ability to walk freely through the Kalahari on your own or accompanied by a bushman, bringing the actual “Africa flair” by a perception through all the senses (smelling, silence, natural sounds, tactile stimulus, vast expanses, cold and heat) with an intensity that many people from abroad have become estranged to.

If you want to explore the life of a ranger and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, these could be some of your responsibilities:

Asides from the many activities that are designed for tourists, there is the possibility to contribute to the maintenance of the game reserve hands-on. Most of the time, the tasks for the next day will be discussed at the nightly bonfire. You can decide spontaneously whether you want to join in.

 The most common tasks at a game farm in Namibia include for example:

Checking and patching of the border fence, collecting firewood, repairing and cultivating water holes, repairing tractors and Landrovers, ploughing roads, training saddle-horses, helping out with the vegetable garden or driving back animals which might have escaped from the reserve.

During dry season, the game needs to be fed. During April and May, the grass for the horses needs to be cut, and during April and July, the game is caught and prepared for relocation. During December and January, the pods lying under the trees are collected and used as food for the animals, and during February and April guests can join the botanical research.

What’s special: The informal atmosphere and direct contact with the nature-passionate host family contributes to gaining an impression of what it means to live on the edge of the Kalahari and uphold a wildlife reserve and lodge.

The Back Rhino Custodian Project

As part of a national breeding program initiated in 1993, Kuzikus is working together with the Namibian government to prevent the extinction of black rhinos in the wild. As one of the first private game reserve joining the project, it took in state-owned black rhinos into the reserve during the pilot phase of the project.

Through the combination of tourism, education and research the project is being financed and maintained at Kuzikus. The rhinos are protected from poachers and bushmen receive steady salaries for tracking rhinos for research purposes.

By visiting Kuzikus, you can learn more about the Custodian Black Rhino Project and your stay contributes financially to the project, too. Further, it offers you a good opportunity to see the Black Rhinoceros in the wild.


Farm Lodge

At Kuzikus, you will stay at the exclusive and comfortable guest lodge. The comfortable, large and light rooms have en-suite bathrooms. The library offers a vast range of books, CDs and DVDs. Wifi and telephones are available. The swimming pool and the lush garden offer a tranquil area to sunbathe, read or simply cool down after a fulfilling day in the wilderness.

Guests will have all their meals with the family, contributing to the homey and informal atmosphere of the safari. Three meals are served each day, which feature fresh ingredients and a range local dishes. In addition, coffee and homemade cake will be offered in the afternoons.



Other activities and excursions

Many more exciting activities are offered at Kuzikus, which you are welcome to book spontaneously (not included).

Rates 2017

Rates including accommodation with full board

Double room: 125,- EUR per adult per night

Single room: 145,- EUR per adult per night

Children from the age of 7 until 15 in parents’ room: 90 EUR per person per night

Children under the age of 7 stay free of charge in the parents’ room (free)

From 7 nights:

Double room: 115,- EUR per adult per night

Single room: 129,- EUR per adult per night

Children from the age of 7 until 15 in parents’ room: 90 EUR per person per night

Children under the age of 7 stay free of charge in the parents’ room (free)

Rates are per person, including all meals and described activities. Not included are other safari activities such as excursions or game drives which can be booked at the game reserve.

Transfers to and from the reserve can be arranged for an additional fee:

Windhoek -> Kuzikus Game Reserve

1 to 2 persons: 95,- EUR per person and per transfer

3 persons: 65,- EUR per person and per transfer

From 4 persons: 48,- EUR per person per transfer


What’s not included:

  • Flights
  • Transfers to and from the reserve (can be arranged for an additional fee)
  • Tourist Visa
  • Personal Insurance, luggage insurance, travel cancellation insurance
  • Other personal items such as alcohol, soft drinks and snacks (can be purchased on site)
  • Laundry service (can be arranged for additional fee)